Our first day here has been amazing, exciting, emotional, and LONG.

Everybody was up between 2:30 and 3:40 AM! We started the day with a walk near the guest house here in Kigali, just hanging out as a team.


From there, we headed over to the Africa New Life Dream Center. We sang worship songs (some of the same ones we sing on the other side of the world, which is pretty cool!) and learned more about sponsorship and what that means for the kids and families of Rwanda.


We also spent some time at the Genocide Memorial. Even though this was my second time, it was a really tough place to visit. The entire museum is filled with stories of injustice.

The quote I really remember was, ‘If you had really knew me and really knew yourself, you would not have killed me.'”

They had these plaques for some of the small kids. Each one had 5 things on it. Sometimes the questions were different. One was, “Age: 6 yrs. Favorite Food: Chocolate & Milk, Personality type: Loves playing with friends, Last Words: My Dad will come for us, Killed by: Machete.”

We weren’t allowed to take any pictures, but you can probably Google it to see just some of what we experienced.

[If you are interested in seeing pictures, you can check out this Pinterest link: https://www.pinterest.com/search/pins/?q=genocide+memorial+rwanda]

On a less serious note, I was really excited to be able to visit one of my family’s sponsored kids today! This is one part of the trip I have been most excited about! This is David. (He’s eating a piece of beef jerky that I brought. He didn’t like it.)


David was really shy, and honestly, some of our visit was a little awkward since we don’t speak the same language, but it was a lot of fun! His mom and grandma expressed several times how grateful they are for our sponsorship. What they didn’t know is how grateful I am to meet with them and spend time together in their home. It was such an awesome experience getting to see them again and to see how much David has grown!


We also visited one of the Haley’s sponsored kids, and had a lot of fun with them too! We played soccer and hung out. Here’s a picture of Craig busting out his basketball skills! 🙂









Today was a really great day. Thank you for your prayers, for thinking of us, being for excited for us and for the project we’ve come here to do!

Blog post written by Chris Bennett.