Today was an incredible day  in that we were able to witness how the hand of God moves in the lives of His people EVERYWHERE near and far, collectively.

This is my first experience in Rwanda.  Visiting Kayonza today has been a gift.

My husband Eddie and I have been sponsoring a child from Kayonza for approximately three years.   Our sponsored child, Jean de Dieu has recently graduated from grade 12 and will be enrolled in vocational training this September.


Earlier this year, we had received word that Jean de Dieu’s mother had become very ill and Jean was struggling with his studies as he was spending time caring for his family.  With great concern we sent a speedy letter of support as well as some food supplies to aid the family in their crisis moment.   We felt helpless and prayed fervently for God to see this family through.

I never would have imagined that a little over 3 months later, we would meet this family through a series of crazy but ordained events where I could witness the other side of the story first hand.


Today we visited the Kayonza school and I spoke with Sarah, one of the staff.  I heard the most amazing words that reaffirmed me that God loves us all and cares for us all, even in the struggles.  He sends many to see us through, whether we live near or across oceans.

Sarah’s words went something like this: “You cannot imagine how timely your letter to Jean was.  It encouraged him to know that there were those who cared and supported him during his difficult time.  Jean is so excited that you have come to visit.”

Sarah’s care for Jean and his family were quite evident.  She conveyed her heart-felt thanks that we were able to support this student and his family.

We felt surprised and thankful for her care and influence for Jean and his family.  I was grateful for her physical presence during this crucial time of study.  Rather than give up, Jean was able to persevere and pass his exams.  God had also blessed us with the privilege of meeting and extending our love in person today.  He is ever present both near and afar.  Dare we doubt that our all-knowing God works in many amazing ways through all of us.

The fact that we are all used in specific ways, at specific times to move, motivate and strengthen the human heart amazes me.  God had used Sarah’s love near – and our love from afar – to speak hope and life to Jean and his family.

Today I am ever changed by the confirmation that what we do small or large, makes a difference with God as the author.

Written by Lerryn DeJong, our friend from Vita Gardens