Not often do I get the opportunity to spend time sitting under a tree with about 20 children sitting by my side, holding my hands, laughing at me for my inability to say “I don’t understand” in their language. Sinsobanukiwe, if you’re curious.  I highly recommend taking the opportunity to do it.   The children are enamored with all of us because it’s beyond reason for someone to come from the next city over just to help them build gardens, much less fly over seas.


I got the opportunity to work along side John Baptist today. Pronounce it with your best French accent.  “Gee-on Bap-teest”.  John Baptist makes roughly 3000 RWF for a day’s work.  And he works hard. He has worked along side of us for the past two days and part of the costs in building the gardens goes to John Baptist’s employment.  If
you’re curious, that’s about $3 a day.


I also visited the child that God has blessed us with the ability to sponsor.  Her name is Jesca.  One of the prayer requests from her mom was that they could save for a new house.  A new house costs about 1.5 million francs, or about $2000.  Loans are available at about 18% interest rate, so no one gets them.


I say all this because I get overwhelmed with the question of “what can or should I do?”  And I think God has given me an answer: We are to love our neighbors as ourselves.  However, a neighbor is not someone physically close.  A neighbor is the closest person who is willing to help you out in your time of need.  Everyone who has donated to the Kageyo Gardens Project has answered a call for help. You have been a neighbor to people.  And for us, it’s easier than giving a gallon of milk and carton of eggs to a next door neighbor. We live in a time never seen before, and we are the blessed.  We are the ones who have the ability to be neighbors to people virtually anywhere on earth.  We are friends and neighbors to Kageyo.


Written by Wyatt Sullivan,  KGP Team Member