Why Am I Doing This?

I feel like that’s a question I’m going to be asking for the rest of my life. Why am I here; why am I doing this; and why does it matter? There have been too many decisions I’ve made without knowing the answer to this question that have ended… unhappily. But that’s not true in this case. I know why I am here and why I am on this team. Simply put, it’s to glorify God. I don’t mind wrestling with what that really means. I’m not bothered by how cheesy and overtly “Christian” it sounds. I don’t care to argue it’s validity. I know that I’m going to Kageyo, Rwanda because God is doing something magnificent there. And He’s called me to be a part of it.


What Am I Supposed To Do?

I feel like I’m supposed to tell this story. I’ve recently picked up videography and it is slowly becoming my passion… and my mission field. I think everyone has a blockbuster movie of a life. But we’ve become so accustomed to stories being told on a million dollar budget, that we pigeonhole the idea that our own lives are really not that impressive. But if we could clearly see our stories in the grand scheme of eternity. If we could get a bird’s eye view of how perfectly our lives fit into God’s story, not only would we glorify God more, but we would embrace each other with a love and understanding that surpasses culture and age, and goes down to the very core of the human condition. We desire to be loved. But more than that, we desire to be known. And isn’t that what the Gospel is all about? The revelation that we are more loved and known than we could ever imagine.

This is the story of the Kageyo Gardens Project: We are nine men whose lives have been divinely knit together for the purpose of God’s glory. We are not simply going to accomplish a task (though planting gardens that will sustain families for an entire year is absolutely amazing). We are going, however, to live the Gospel. And when we are arrive in Kageyo, I believe we will be met by a people whose stories have been on a collision course with our own since the day we were born. And together, we will glorify God. We live out the Gospel, prayerfully for the rest of our lives. And I will be there to tell the story.


Written by Tazz Kelly, KGP Team Member

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