I went to Rwanda for the fist time in June of 2013. Any time you experience people or culture differently from your norm, you take notice. But, of course, Rwanda is not just a little different from my everyday life so I didn’t just take notice. A small part of me was changed.

I went on a vision trip with the company I work for to visit all of our sponsored kids. My family and I sponsor two kids, Robert and David, and I was able to meet them and their families. I brought gifts, met their families, gave hugs, and saw their homes. It was an amazing experience.

While we were there, we also had a big party for all of K&N’s sponsored kids, along with our own sponsored kids that live nearby. We brought them food, we had bubbles, we danced, and played, and laughed. The kids ate, and ate, and ate some more!

Many of them had never had soda, and at the party they drank their sodas while singing songs about having a Fanta with Jesus when they get to Heaven.

As we drove through the streets, the kids would run to meet us, and would scream “Mzungu, mzungu!” as they saw us drive by. They were so excited to meet us because they think the United States is just like Heaven. Of course, I’d run to meet some one who lived in Heaven too!


These children were exuberant and joyful, and filled with hope even though most of them know the kind of suffering and pain that we don’t wish on any one. Many of them have experienced deep, aching hunger. Many of them have had terrible sickness. Many of them have watched parents or close family members die because they just didn’t have what they needed.


Many of the kids we met have had their lives completely changed because of their sponsorship with Africa New Life, and so when I was approached with an idea to also help change the lives of their families and their entire village, of course I jumped on board.

You see, God cares about the needs of the poor. He cares about this village of Kageyo. And, so he has crafted this plan, put together 9 men and gave a vision for a new Kageyo.


So we will go. We will work hard, we will give hugs, we will build gardens, we will bring Jesus’ message of hope, and make a strong and lasting difference in lives of the people of Kageyo. 

Will you help us? 

The easiest way right now is to share our “Together we DO” campaign on Facebook, and plan to support us on May 1 as we aim to raise $10,000 in ONE day with no one giving more than $25. TOGETHER we will do this. So we need your help!


On May 1, you can give at www.youcaring.com/together and SHARE on Facebook to let your friends and family know that you have partnered with Kageyo Gardens Project.

“Like” us at www.facebook.com/kageyo!

Please pray, share, and give to the Kageyo Gardens Project in order to change this community forever.


-Written by Chris Bennett, KGP Team Member

Learn more about Chris and the rest of the team on our Meet the Team page!