“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

Today we are announcing “Together WE DO.”

Join with us by following “the rules” below and on May 1, 2015 let’s raise $10,000 for the Kageyo Gardens Project! KGP will build sustainable gardens, providing essential nutrition and economy to one of the poorest communities in Rwanda. Learn more about Kageyo Gardens Project here.



Welcome to Kageyo, one of the poorest communities in Rwanda. The land is harsh, food is scarce, and jobs are non-existent.

While some of the school-aged children of Kageyo have been richly blessed by sponsorship through Africa New Life, it is our aim to take the next step in helping their families to overcome poverty with the Kageyo Gardens Project.

We hope to build 100 gardens in our first year, providing essential nutrition and economy to this poverty-stricken community.

We invite you to join together with us to make this vision a reality for the people of Kageyo.


The Rules:

  • ONE DAY, May 1, 2015 we are joining together to raise $10,000 for the Kageyo Gardens Project!
  • No one can give more than $25… TOGETHER we will DO this!
  • “Like” us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/kageyo and SHARE one of our posts to let your friends and family know you are joining TOGETHER with the Kageyo Gardens Project!
  • On May 1, give any amount up to $25 at www.youcaring.com/Together.

Change your Facebook profile picture to the KGP Logo:

Make sure to comment on your picture so your friends and family know WHY you changed your picture! Here’s an idea of what you can write:

“I’m joining Together We DO on May 1 to raise $10,000 in ONE DAY for the Kageyo Gardens Project. Learn more at www.KageyoGardensProject.com”

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What else can I do?

  • Learn more about the project, and SHARE with your friends and family on social media! We need your help to get the word out!
  • Pray right now for this mission that God has given to us.
  • Watch this video from a K&N Vision trip in 2012, and see some of the faces and lands of Rwanda, including Kageyo.


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